Musical Funny Train

Fun Train Track

The Musical Funny Train Set sells very well because it's so cute. Young kids love to watch the Funny Train as it chugs around the Funny Train Track making noises as it goes. As the Musical Funny Train engine pulls the cars around the track, each Funny Train car has something in motion: the merry-go-round turns, the ferris wheel rotates and the teeter-totter moves up and down. It makes a great Birthday or Holiday present with a suggested price of only $29.95. They are an ideal cart/kiosk product because kids and adults really enjoy watching them. Set one up at your business and watch then sell thenselves. You can make additional profit by selling the four (4) AA batteries needed for each set.

With some help from older siblings or parents, the kids can rearrange the Musical Funny Train Track into different layouts. When kids get together with their friends, they can create combined layouts running two or more trains at the same time.

Watch and listen to the Musical Funny Train in action: Musical Funny Train


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