ASI Mini Remote Control Vehicles at wholesale prices -- Micro Stunt and Micro Q RC's

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Micro Stunt
RC Vehicles

Awesome Specialty International (ASI) has the newest of the new, Micro Stunt radio controlled vehicles. The new Micro Stunt vehicle jumps, does wheelies, and flips over. These exciting, fun vehicles promise to be a huge hit this year! They come in four colors and three frequencies all mixed in each case. The margins are great with retail prices from $19.95 to $24.95 and wholesale costs so low that markups can be as high as 540% to 676%.


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Retail Product:

Micro Q
Remote Control Vehicles

ASI has the very latest styles of the new, improved Micro Q radio controlled vehicles. The new controller looks like a video game controller and the cars are recharged on their easy to use recharger unit. The Micro Q's have proven to be reliable and very fast. The old style was a big hit last Holiday season. The new one promises to be an even bigger hit this year!

These vehicles are just over 2" long and feature 2-channel radio control of forward, backward as well as left and right movements. The new, easy to use stand-alone charger recharges the vehicle's battery in 45 seconds for over 2 minutes of fast fun. Each set includes a vehicle, controller, charger, 4-cones, screwdriver, and 4 extra tires.

These new Micro RC's are a giant hit! They are the perfect product for carts and kiosks where they can be demonstrated. Kids of all ages love them! The margins are great.

Micro Q' s come with vehicle, controller, charger, 4-cones, 4 extra tires & screwdriver.

Sports Car 1 --------- Sports Car 2 ------------ Police Car

Introduce Micro RC's to your mall today by calling ASI at (800) 854-8263

Combine Micro RCs with the other ASI toy products to create a fantastic year-round toy cart.

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